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Flooring Removal

Changing the existing flooring on your property can increase its value for many reasons! As popular home design trends ebb and flow, one type of flooring can be appealing to the market one season, and shift entirely the next. A savvy homeowner can make their property stand out from the rest with a fresh, untrodden floor.

Whether you flip homes for a living or simply want to breathe new life into your space, flooring removal can truly turn property around. However, not all flooring removal projects are created equal! Tearing away old carpeting can be a bit more straightforward, but once you venture into tile or hardwood territory, the scope of the project definitely increases. DIY flooring removal can easily become a multi-day event.

To avoid damaging the basic structure of your floor (and a home renovation migraine), it’s best to call the experts at Reno Tahoe Junk Removal to get it handled. We’ll save your time, energy, money, and good mood! Our crews are experienced with single and multi-room floor removal services for virtually every type of flooring. We’ll clear away all debris, leaving your property’s base foundation primed for your new and exciting design. Updating your home for the modern buyer has never been easier.

We conveniently offer two sizes to help you haul away virtually everything.

  • Dump Truck: 8ft W x 12ft L x 4ft H
  • Dump Trailer: 7ft W x 16ft L x 4ft H
Flooring removal before and after comparison

FAQ on Flooring Removal

How much does this service typically cost?

  • As these are custom jobs, pricing can vary significantly per job. This price can be affected by the following factors:
  • Pickups outside of the Reno & Sparks, NV areas will require a travel fee based on distance
  • Is your item located on the first floor, or will we need to access stairs to get to it?
  • Do we need to break any items down?
  • Our pricing is always affected by load size
  • Size of project & number of rooms

What type of jobs are eligible for this service?

  • All types of carpet
  • Tile removal
  • Vinyl flooring removal
  • Hardwood flooring removal

How do I prepare my items for removal before Reno Tahoe Junk Removal arrives?

  • Please follow this checklist to ensure your items are prepared for our team!
  • Are all your items in one place or scattered across different places in your location? This will help us determine total costs.
  • Is it possible to break your items down, such as concrete slabs? If so, we can bring tools to do this for you.
  • Sorting your items by junk type and putting them all in one location is best for us.
  • Please note, the more prepared and sorted your items are, the lower your total price will be!

Our Recycling Promise

We care about the environment and can assure you that your items will be disposed of at the proper facilities according to the type of item. For example, appliances will be drained of any contaminants that would be harmful to the environment before recycling or disposal. Items are sorted by type and disposed of either at transfer stations or a landfill. We will recycle common materials, like cardboard, paper, and glass, at no extra cost to you!

NOTE: We do not receive cardboard, paper, or glass materials that have been contaminated (including water damage, rainwater, mold, etc). Please clean and sort these recyclable materials or they will unfortunately be considered trash.

Worker removing flooring
A Reno Tahoe Junk Removal truck ready, clean and ready to haul

Scheduling a service with us is easy! Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  1. Contact us to schedule your free estimate at (775) 762-2602 or submit a lead form online
  2. We'll give you a free estimate over a phone call once we receive sufficient pictures of your project.
  3. We schedule a time for your no-contact pickup inside a 2 hour window, and will call or text you 15-30 minutes before we arrive.
  4. We conveniently come to you, load up your items, and haul them away.
  5. For remote jobs, we can video call you and / or show you before & after pictures.

NOTE: You may qualify for additional discounts if you’re a homeowner. Please let us know so that we can assess whether you qualify.

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